TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing or flat roofing systems are typically used on commercial buildings for various reasons. This type of roofing system offers a superior performance over standard roofing systems, along with giving a long lifetime guaranteed. TPO roofing provides a technology that delivers performance against heat aging and UV degradation. Along with these characteristics, TPO roofing offers green initiatives such as being energy efficient with lowering utility costs for the entire building.

TPO roofing is perfect for new construction or re-roofing an older building for a more superior performance with the cost-effective price. The great value of this flat roofing system comes from the EverGuard TPO roofing products of great seam strength, puncture resistance, long term weathering, and easy installation. With recovering applications onto concrete or granule surfaced membranes, it acts as a protective sheet layer by using a foam adhesive. Along with the multiple benefits and features, TPO offers standard colors, custom colors, and “Cool Color” which increases reflectivity and reduces the energy costs.

Problem areas or flat roofing, not a problem for Roofscapes Exteriors. As certified contractors with multiple brands of flat roofing products and a company who stands by our warranty are comfortable handling any of these situations whether easy or complex, residential or commercial. For those pesky problem areas that won’t cooperate take comfort in Roofscapes being the company you can count on to be there to the end seeing the job done right.


Caution: Ice Dams

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that can build up and form at the edge of your roof. When snow builds up on your roof, the snow underneath will start to melt from the heat your house is creating. This meltwater will then run down to the eaves, and because eaves tend to be the coldest point on the roof, it freezes. Once this happens, meltwater will continue to run down the roof, and the ice will continue to grow due to the initial ice that froze in the eave of the roof. As the meltwater continues to drip with nowhere to go, a water backup will occur.

Standing water and your roof are never a happy mix. If you see this happening contact us right away for a free inspection.

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