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Commercial Roofing Tulsa- Repair or Replace?

Commercial Roofing Tulsa- How bad is the roof and how much is damaged will determine if you should repair or replace the commercial roofing system.

Problems can arise from a roof install that went wrong, designed incorrectly, not properly maintained and just typical wear and tear. Even though commercial roofing in Tulsa is designed for long-term performance, there can be many problems that develop during the lifespan of the roofing system.

When you’re looking into fixing a commercial roofing system, there are a couple options of full replacement, repair, re-cover and coat. How do you determine which maintenance you’ll need?

Some of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself are:

  • How easy would a tear off be?
  • What is the building used for?
  • Where is it located?
  • Does the building generate moisture?

Going down the path of these questions will determine the best route to go.


With a repair, some of the roof problems can be minor and easily repaired. If the membrane of the roof is in good shape or if the roof has good insulation, a repair might be in-store. Some of the benefits of a roof repair in Tulsa is less costly than a roof replacement, and will help extend the life of the roof.

Sometimes the roofing system doesn’t need a full overhaul. Choosing a re-cover includes a redo of the membrane if the roof hasn’t been re-covered prior. The benefits of a re-cover include cheaper maintenance, extended warranties, and less disruptive than a complete replacement.

Roof Replacement

Sometimes a commercial roofing system needs an overhaul of repairs that add up to being a complete roof replacement. For example, if the commercial roofing system has been repaired before, you will need to replace it. A rule of thumb to know if it’s a replace or repair is that 25% or more of the roof is damaged, a replacement should be implemented.

The benefits to choosing a roof replacement in Tulsa:

  • Looking for long-term solution
  • If you plan on keeping the building that you’re in for a longer period of time
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Energy savings (go-green)
  • Least likely to have reoccurring issues

Most commercial roofing systems have incorporated a coating in order to extend the life. A coating can simply add extra protection against leaks, helps improve the aesthetics, cost effective, and energy savings with reflecting heat and UV qualities.

If you live within the Tulsa or Oklahoma City area, our professional roofers can help determine whether or not you’re in need of a repair or replacement for your commercial building.

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