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Tis the Season for Buy Bixby

Anyone who lives in Bixby or around it knows of the annual Buy Bixby event that happens at the end of October and runs through mid-December.

Buy Bixby kicked off its annual event on October 29th at Doc’s Country Mart along with hosts of 98.5 KVOO. Thousands of businesses participate in Buy Bixby because it drives business and makes the customer aware of the locality of it. The program this year will be giving away one $10,000, one $2,000 and two $1,000 cash prizes. During it all, it’s supporting local businesses while keeping sales tax dollars at work in the own community of Bixby.

With the thousands of businesses participating, you can shop now through December 11th at those stores, restaurants and more to receive your Buy Bixby tickets. There is no limit on how many you can get from each place either!

This year Roofscapes Exteriors is participating in Buy Bixby! We’re underneath the Candy Can Sponsors tear. Since we’re participating this year in the annual extravaganza, we’re offering off tickets for multiple occasions.

  • Call for an estimate and receive 100 Buy Bixby tickets
  • Any work performed by Roofscapes receive 100 Buy Bixby tickets
  • Paid in full for a service by Roofscapes receive 100 Buy Bixby tickets

As a Bixby shopper, this program benefits you and your family and your business. How? It will directly involve building a stronger city by just shopping within the city of Bixby. Shopping in Bixby doesn’t just support the businesses; it will support a quality of life that will benefit through your sales tax dollars.

The community will grow and will need certain elements such as police officers, fire fighters, public safety and more. These key elements will be supported by your tax dollars.

Remember to keep it local and shop Bixby within the next two months!

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